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Reverse Door Swing - Whirlpool DUET SPORT W10151580B Use And Care Manual

Duet sport electronic electric dryer
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You can change your door swing from a right-side opening to a
left-side opening, if desired.
1. Place a towel or soft cloth on top of the dryer or work space
to protect the surface.
Remove the door assembly
1. Remove the 4 screws that hold the door hinge on the front
panel of the dryer.
A. Dryer front panel
B. Door assembly
2. Lay the door assembly on a flat, protected surface with the
inside (inner door assembly) facing up.
3. Remove the 6 Phillips head screws to release the outer door
assembly from the inner door assembly, as indicated below.
See illustration. It is important that you remove only the
6 indicated screws.
4. Lift the inner door assembly off the outer door assembly.
5. Disengage locking tabs by rotating inner ring clockwise. See
A. Inner ring
B. Outer ring
6. Turn inner ring 180° and lock tabs into place.

Reverse Door Swing

Reverse hinge
1. Use a small flat-blade screwdriver to remove 2 plug strips
2. Remove hinge cover.
3. Remove the 4 screws that attach to the inner door hinge and
4. Reinstall plug strips on opposite side of the inner door.
5. Check for fingerprints on the glass. Clean glass if necessary.
6. Place the inner door assembly inside the outer door
from the inner door. Slide the head of the screwdriver under
the plugs, being certain not to scratch the inner door surface.
Lift up.
A. Door hinge
B. Plug strips
C. Hinge cover
move the hinge to the other side. Reinstall the 4 screws.
A. Door hinge
assembly. To fit correctly, the inner door assembly edge fits
completely inside the outer door assembly edge.



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