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Honeywell HPA250 Series Manual page 5

The doctor’s choice true hepa air purifier with bluetooth smart technology
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OPERATION (continued)
Using the Dimmer Option
The Dimmer Option ( ) allows you to adjust the brightness of the LEDs on the control panel (Fig. 4). You may wish
to adjust the brightness depending on the room where the unit is placed. The unit always turns on with the brightness
on HIGH.
To adjust brightness:
• TAP the Dimmer icon ( ) once to dim the lights to LOW.
• TAP the Dimmer icon ( ) twice and it will shut the lights OFF.
(the air purifier will not shut off).
• TAPPING the Dimmer icon ( ) a third time will return the
brightness to HIGH.
NOTE: The Power (
) and the Bluetooth ( ) icon will always remain
Using the VOC Function:
This HEPA air purifier has a built-in sensor that detects when Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are present
in the room air. VOCs are gases that are emitted from certain household cleaning products, home improvement,
and even common home decor products. These gases can be harmful or irritating if inhaled. When the VOC auto
sensing mode is selected, the upper left indicator light will illuminate blue and the air purifier will automatically
operate at the appropriate cleaning level to reduce these gases. The lower right indicator will illuminate green,
amber, or red depending on the level of VOCs detected in the room by the sensor..
Green = Low level of VOCs detected, air purifier will
operate in the lowest setting, Germ.
Amber = Moderate level of VOCs detected, air purifier
will operate in the medium level setting,
General Clean.
= High level of VOCs detected, air purifier
will operate in the Allergen setting.
The air purifier will continue to monitor the VOC levels in the room
and adjust the cleaning levels as necessary.
This air purifier has two electronic filter check lights to remind you when
to check and replace the HEPA Filters and Odor Reducing Pre-filter.
The "Filters" or "Pre-Filter" light will illuminate when the HEPA filters
and/or the pre-filter needs to be replaced. These indicator lights are based
on the number of hours the air purifier has been in use. Depending on
the environment and contaminants in the area, the filters may need to be
changed before the recommended time (Fig. 6).
You should periodically check these filters. Depending on operating conditions,
the HEPA filters should be replaced every 12 months, and the Odor
Reducing Pre-Filter every 3 months, especially if there have been heavy
odors and particles in the home.
Fig. 4 Dimmer Function
Fig. 5 VOC Function
Fig. 6 Will illuminate
when it is time to change
HEPA filters and pre-filter



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