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Mp3/Wma/Jpeg Cd Information - Westinghouse SK-32H570D User Manual

Westinghouse widescreen dvd combo user's manual
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This LCD TV/DVD unit requires discs/recordings to meet certain technical standards in order to achieve
optimum playback quality. Pre-recorded DVDs are automatically set to these standards. Given the fact that
technology in the optical disc market is still maturing, there are many different types of recordable disc formats
that you can use to burn multimedia files into (e.g. CD-R disc containing MP3/WMA files). This unit cannot
guarantee that all types of recordable discs will produce optimum playback quality. The technical criteria set
out in this manual are meant as a guide only.
Please be advised that you must obtain permission from the applicable copyright owners to download
copyrighted content, including music files, in any format, including the MP3 and WMA formats, prior
to their downloading.
MP3/WMA/JPEG CD Playback Information
The LCD TV can play back MP3/WMA/JPEG files that have been recorded on a CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, or
DVD-RW disc. To produce the MP3/WMA/JPEG disc, burn the files in a compatible disc using a Windows PC
with a CD-RW or DVD-RW drive and an appropriate encoding software.
You must use a Windows PC to burn the MP3/WMA/JPEG disc. This unit does not support data
disc burned using the Apple Mac OS (Hierarchical File System, HFS format).
・Make sure the filename of the MP3/WMA/JPEG files in the burned disc includes the 3-character file
extension ("mp3", "wma", or "jpg").
・MP3/WMA/JPEG CD must meet the ISO file standard.
・This LCD TV can only read 600 files per disc. If a directory has more that 600 files, the remaining files will
be omitted during playback.
・This LCD TV can recognize a maximum of 50 directories per disc. If a disc has more that 50 directories, the
last-listed directories will not be displayed.
・If the disc contains both audio (MP3 or WMA) and image (JPEG) files, only audio files can be played.
・It may take more than one minute for this unit to read a MP3/WMA/JPEG disc depending on its structure.
・Audio tracks recorded using the Joliet Recording Specification can be played back. The LCD TV can display
up to 16-character filenames. Longer file names will be condensed. Only the following characters in a
filename will be displayed: small or capital A-Z letters, numbers of 0 through 9, and the underscore
symbol ( _ ).
・To enable sequential file playback, use an encoding software that allows for playlist creation. In the playlist,
make sure the files are alphabetically or numerically arranged. You can use numerical prefixes to arrange
the files (i.e., "01-party pic" or "002-con call track").

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