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Appendix 1: Earth Grounding; Eagle Systems And Selv; Eagle Systems And Standard En60204-1 - Honeywell Centra Line EAGLE Installation & Commissioning Instructions

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EAGLE Systems and SELV

In order to avoid distribution of noise or earth ground
potential differences over networks or other connections, the
EAGLE Controller is designed to be in compliance with
SELV (Safety Extra-Low Voltage).
Furthermore, SELV offers the greatest possible safety
against electrical impact.
To support SELV, all Honeywell external (CRT series) or
internal transformers comply with standard EN60742.
Earth grounding is therefore not recommended.

EAGLE Systems and Standard EN60204-1

However, if compliance with EN60204-1 is required, note the
General Information about EN60204-1
EN60204-1 defines electrical safety for a complete
application/machine including controllers, sensors, actuators
and any connected/controlled electrical device.
EN60204-1 requires controllers to be powered by PELV
(Protective Extra-Low Voltage) and earth grounding of the
secondary side of the used transformers or earth grounding
of the system ground.
Earth grounding is prescribed to prevent unexpected start-
up of connected rotating/moving machines due to an
insulation fault and double earth grounding somewhere in
the plant.
In order to fulfill PELV (if earth grounding is prohibited), the
use of an earth leakage monitor is also possible.
EN1Z-0970GE51 R1112
When is EN60204-1 Applicable to EAGLE Systems?
 Safety against electrical impact
– EN60204-1 is not mandatory; this is because electrical
safety is provided by the use of SELV and
transformers according to standard EN60742.
 Safety against unexpected start-up of
rotating/moving machines
– If the application/plant does not contain machines that
can be harmful to the operator due to an unexpected
start-up, the standard EN60204-1 is not applicable.
If such machines are encountered, then EN60204-1 must be
followed. Grounding is required.



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