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Cable Specifications - Honeywell Centra Line EAGLE Installation & Commissioning Instructions

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Cable Specifications

Panel Bus I/O Modules
When checking the length of the power supply cable, the
connection cables to all Panel Bus I/O Modules must be
taken into account.
Table 17. Power supply cable specifications
3 m (from transformer to final module)
max. length
min. 0.75 mm
cross section
Table 18. Communication cable specifications
40 m
max. length
twisted pair, e.g., J-Y-Y 2 x 2 x 0.8
cable type
Field Devices
Depending on the distance from the controller, field devices
can be supplied with power by the same transformer used for
the Panel Bus I/O Modules, or by a separate transformer,
using cables as specified in Table 19.
Table 19. Power / communication cable specifications
type of signal
 100 m (Fig. 21)
single transformer
24 VAC power
1.5 mm
0...10 V signals
0.081 – 2.08 mm
For wiring field devices, see section "Powering Panel Bus I/O
Modules and Field Devices" on page 12.
Routing Cables to Field Devices
Route low-voltage signal and output cables to field devices
separately from mains cables.
Table 20. Minimum distances to power mains cables
min. distance
10 mm (0.4 in.)
100 mm (4 in.)
All low-voltage signal and output cables should be regarded
as communication circuits in accordance with VDE 0100 and
VDE 0800 (or NEC or other equivalent).
 If the general guidelines for cable routing are observed, it
is not necessary to shield field device signal and power
supply cables.
 If, for whatever reason, the routing guidelines cannot be
observed, the field device signal and power supply cables
must be shielded.
– Shielding of cables leading to field devices must be
grounded only at one end.
– Do not connect the shield to the EAGLE Controller.
EN1Z-0970GE51 R1112
(AWG 18)
cross-sectional area
 400 m (Fig. 20)
sep. transformers
not allowed for
(16 AWG)
> 100 m (300 ft)
(28 – 14 AWG)



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