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Pre-Wash Preparation - Haier HTW130-186S User Manual

Semi automatic washing machine
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Pre-wash Preparation

Basic know-how
The maximum capacity during washing and spinning cycles
refers to the max weight of standard dry laundry that can be
washed or spun at one time. The laundry quantity during one
washing cycle should be lower than the rated capacity.
Thickness, size, and the type of cloth will influence actual
washing capacity. It is acceptable to put in a reasonable amount
of laundry as the laundry will be mixed around during the
washing process.
To avoid splashing, do not select the "Maximum" water level for
low loads.
Using high sudsing detergent is not recommended.
Pay attention to followings before washing the laundries
Check to see if
the items have
special washing
Do not overload the washer.
Stretch and loosen the laundry
before putting it into the washer.
For laundry that
is susceptible to
lint balls and/or
has long fur,
turn it inside out
before putting it
in the washer.
When the pulsator is running, some noise may emit from
laundry that contains buttons. To minimize this noise,
surround laundry with buttons with other laundry.
Put hard to
absorb water
items into the
machine by hand.
Do not put
polluted by
chemicals into
the washing
Empty out
pockets. Take
out any coins,
sand, hairpins
Tie any long strips;
fasten buttons; and
close any zippers.
For heavily soiled laundry, try to
remove dirt such as mud or dust
first and apply detergent in
advance. This will help to
remove the stains more easily.
Check to see if
the items are
appropriate for
use with the
laundry from
other laundry.



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