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Troubleshooting - Haier HTW130-186S User Manual

Semi automatic washing machine
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When the remaining water is frozen
Pour hot water below
50°C into the wash cycle
compartment to soak it
completely, then using
your hands gently turn
the pulsator. Confirm that
the drainage function is
operating normally before
next use.
(If a breakdown occurs, always pull remove the power plug before inspecting the machine)
The following situations do not always indicate a breakdown. Please double confirm
before sending the machine to be repaired.
If an actual breakdown occurs, visit the special maintenance department or after-sales
service department of our company. Do not attempt to repair the machine by yourself.
The machine does not start.
The draining function does
not work
Abnormal sound during
Abnormal sound and violent
vibration during the spin
Water flowing out of the
drain hose during the
first use of the machine.
The spin part does not work
Below 50
The reason
Is there a power failure?
Is the power plug loose?
Is the pulsator twisted by foreign materials?
Is the drain hose frozen?
Is the drain hose blocked by foreign material?
Is there laundry adhering to the outer side of
the spin tub?
Are there hair pins, coins or metal items inside
the tub?
Is the machine slanting?
Is the gland pressed evenly?
Is there laundry adhering to the outer side of
the spin cycle compartment?
Is the spin cycle compartment overloaded?
This is the water left over after the factory
performance inspection.
Is the spin tub outer cover open?
Prevent the freezing
(be sure to drain the water
completely after each use)
After completely draining, set
"OFF". If it is set to "DRAIN", it
will be difficult for the frozen
water to melt.



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