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Chapter 2: Expander Card Installation Instructions - Lenovo ThinkSystem 36i Installation And User Manual

12gb internal expander
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Chapter 2: Expander Card Installation Instructions

To install the expander card, follow these steps:
1. Unpack the expander card and inspect the expander card for damage.
Unpack the expander card in a static-free environment. Remove the expander card from the antistatic bag, and
carefully inspect the expander card for damage. If you notice any damage, contact Lenovo or your reseller support
To avoid the risk of data loss, back up your data before you change your system configuration.
2. Review the expander card connectors.
3. Check whether the expander card is well-fixed on the mounting bracket.
The expander card ships preinstalled on a mounting bracket. Check that the expander card is fixed in place. If any
loose screws exist, tighten the screws using a No.1 Phillips torque screwdriver. The maximum torque is 4.8 ± 0.5 inch-
Exceeding this torque specification can damage the board, connectors, or screws, and can void
the warranty on the expander card. Damage caused to the expander card as a result of changing
the bracket can void the warranty on the board. Expander cards returned without a bracket
mounted on the board will be returned without return merchandise authorization (RMA)
4. Prepare the server.
Turn off the power to the server and disconnect all power cords.
5. Remove the top cover from the chassis.
6. Remove any components that might impede the expander card installation.
Refer to
ThinkSystem Server Documentation
procedures section for detailed instructions.
7. Install the expander card.
Align the notches on the mounting bracket with the four pins or three pins on the chassis, place down the expander
card, and slightly slide the expander card to secure it in place, as the following figure shows.
The shape, size, and locations of the components on your expander card and its bracket might
vary from the following illustration.
Figure 2 Installing the Expander Card
8. Connect any cables to the expander card.
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ThinkSystem 36i 12Gb Internal Expander Adapter Installation and User Guide