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Installation Instructions - Bosch ComfortElectronic RDE 1821415 Installation And Operating Instructions Manual

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10 | English
sible dangers that can result. Children
may not play with the appliance. Cleaning
and maintenance by the user may not be
performed by unsupervised children.
Keep children away from the appliance.
Please monitor children to ensure that
they do not play with the appliance.
The mixer and the warm water pipe may
be hot. Please inform and instruct chil-
dren appropriately.
Congratulations on purchasing this Bosch appliance. You
have acquired a top-quality product, which will give you
a lot of enjoyment.
Please read this installation and operating instruction
manual carefully, then act accordingly! Store for future

Installation instructions

Install the continuous-flow heater as described in the
illustrated section. Observe the instructions in the
The illustrations can be found in the centre of the
instruction manual.
Unpacking/Removing the cover (Figure I)
Unpack the appliance and check for transport
An appliance with transport damage should not be
used! Please contact the dealer you have purchased
the appliance from or an authorised service center.
Please dispose of the packaging, and if applicable,
the old appliance in an environmentally-friendly
Preparations for installation (Figure II)
Important: Only use the supplied installation set.
The supplied water connection nozzles must be
Shut off water supply. The electrical connection (con-
nection cable) must be disconnected from the power
supply. Unscrew the fuse or switch off the circuit
9 001 042 048 | (15.6.15)
Please switch off all fuses immediately
with a malfunction. Immediately shut off
the cold water supply to the appliance
should it leak. The malfunction can only
be repaired by factory service or an au-
thorised service agent.
Do not use aggressive or abrasive clean-
ing detergents!
Do not use a steam cleaner.
The appliance is only to be descaled by
a suitably qualified specialist.
Wall mounting (Figure III)
The continuous-flow heater must be mounted on the
wall. Attach it if necessary on the lower adjustable
The distance to the wall is variable. You can compen-
sate for any unevenness of the wall's surface.
The grommet must tightly surround the connection
cable. If it is damaged during mounting, the openings
must be provided with watertight sealing.
Water connection (Figure IV)
The continuous-flow heater must be vented. Open
the warm water tap fully and flush out the appliance
thoroughly for 1 minute with at least 6 litres of water.
Electrical connection/Mounting
(Figure V)
The electrical supply terminal can be fitted at the top
or bottom. The sheath of the connection cable must
extend for at least 40 mm into the appliance.
Set the power using the power selector switch before
connecting the wires to the mains connection terminal:
Set RDE 1821415 to 18 kW (down) or 21 kW (up).
The set power must be marked on the ratings plate.
Now screw the wires tightly into the mains connec-
tion terminal.
Installation note
The installation of non plug-in ready appliances must
be undertaken by the respective utility operator or by
a qualified specialist company, who can also assist
you when you are requesting the approval of the util-
ity company for installation of the appliance.
Robert Bosch Hausgeräte GmbH



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