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Circuit breaker box
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PDC-(0250, 0400, 0630) DC0384BXA Battery Circuit
Breaker Box
Quick Installation Guide
Only qualified and trained personnel are allowed to operate and maintain the BCB box.
To ensure human safety and normal BCB box operation, ground the BCB box before use.
The ground cable must be capable of bearing fault currents.
Components under the isolation board inside the BCB box are not operable. Do not open
the cover. Otherwise, electric shocks may occur, and the resulting faults are beyond the
warranty scope.
During battery installation, ensure that the positive, neutral, and negative copper bars are
not short circuited. Short circuits can cause a fire and result in personal injury.
Before operating batteries, carefully read the safety precautions for battery handling and
The BCB box may cause electric shocks and high short-circuit currents. Therefore, before
operating the BCB box, get tools insulated, and take off metal articles such as watches and
In case of fire, use a dry power fire extinguisher to put out the fire. Using a fluid fire
extinguisher may cause electric shocks.
Do not install a switch and other disconnection devices on the ground cable.
Correctly set the dual in-line package (DIP) switch on the control board; otherwise, the
BCB box cannot work properly.
Correctly connect the signal cables on the control board; otherwise, the BCB box cannot
work properly.
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Safety Precautions

1 Safety Precautions


Table of Contents

Table of Contents