Installing A Power Cable - Huawei PDC-0250 Quick Installation Manual

Circuit breaker box
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PDC-(0250, 0400, 0630) DC0384BXA Battery Circuit
Breaker Box
Quick Installation Guide
Figure 3-5 Grounding
(1) PE wiring terminal

3.4.2 Installing a Power Cable

Secure cables to the torque specified in the guide. Otherwise, severe accidents, such as fires,
may occur.
Single Battery String
Issue 03 (2019-05-20)
A maximum of four BCB boxes can be cascaded.
Two battery strings are connected to one BCB box. The installation sequence and position of power
cables are the same as those of a single battery string. Install the power cables by referring to the
method of installing a power cable for a single battery string.
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3 Installation


Table of Contents

Table of Contents