Connecting Cables; Installing A Ground Cable - Huawei PDC-0250 Quick Installation Manual

Circuit breaker box
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PDC-(0250, 0400, 0630) DC0384BXA Battery Circuit
Breaker Box
Quick Installation Guide
Figure 3-4 Installing the BCB box on a battery rack
(1) BCB box
Step 3 If there are multiple BCB boxes, secure the other BCB boxes to the battery rack.

3.4 Connecting Cables

The following description uses PDC-0250DC0384BXA as an example.

3.4.1 Installing a Ground Cable

Step 1 Open the door of the BCB box, and remove the insulation cover.
Step 2 Remove the top and bottom panels.
Step 3 Drill cable holes in the cover based on the number and cross-sectional area of cables. Install
the grommet strip around the cable hole to prevent cables from scratches.
Step 4 Reinstall the top and bottom panels.
Step 5 Route cables through the holes in the insulation cover.
Step 6 Ground the BCB box.
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(2) Battery rack
3 Installation


Table of Contents

Table of Contents