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Kenwood K250CFW17 Installation Instructions Manual page 6


Table of Contents
The table below contains general guidelines on the storage of food in
the refrigerator.
Refrigerator location
Fridge door
Crisper bin (salad bin)
• Fridge shelf – bottom
• Chiller bin
Fridge shelf – middle
Fridge shelf – top
Freezer drawer/shelf
Type of food
• Foods with natural preservatives, such
as jams, juices, drinks, condiments.
• Do not store perishable foods.
• Fruits, herbs and vegetables should be
placed separately in the crisper bin.
• Do not store bananas, onions,
potatoes, garlic in the refrigerator.
Raw meat, poultry, fish (for short-term
Dairy products, eggs
Foods that do not need cooking, such as
ready-to-eat foods, deli meats, leftovers.
• Foods for long-term storage.
• Bottom drawer/shelf for raw meat,
poultry, fish.
• Middle drawer/shelf for frozen
vegetables, chips.
• Top drawer/shelf for ice cream, frozen
fruit, frozen baked goods.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents