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Cleaning; Defrosting; Cleaning The Interior And The Exterior Of The Unit - Kenwood K250CFW17 Installation Instructions Manual


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Frost may build up in the freezer compartment after it has been used for a period of time. Scrape
away the frost using the plastic scraper.
Do not use a metal or sharp instrument to scrape away the frost, nor should you use any
electrical appliances to aid defrosting.
We recommend that defrosting should be carried out when the frost layer builds up to 10 mm.
Choose a time when the stock of frozen food is low, follow these procedures:
1. Take out the food, turn the unit off at the mains supply, unplug the unit and leave the door open.
Ideally, the frozen food should be put into another freezer. If this is not possible, wrap the food in
several sheets of newspaper or large towels and then a thick rug or blanket to keep it cool.
2. To remove melted frost from the drain hole, place a suitable container under it. Remove the
drain cap on the front of the unit. Reach down into the freezer and unscrew the drain plug.
3. Scrape away the frost using the plastic scraper. Defrosting the remaining frost can be sped up
by placing a bowl of hot water inside the freezer compartment and closing the door. As the solid
frost loosens, scrape it away with the plastic scraper and remove.
4. After all the water has drained away, replace the drain plug and then the drain cap.
5. When defrosting is complete, clean your unit's interior and exterior.
6. When the compartment is completely clean and dry, close the door, switch on the freezer again
and switch on the Fast Freeze function.
7. Leave the unit to cool down for an hour, and then you can start placing frozen food inside the
unit. Remember to set the thermostat to a regular temperature after 4 hours.

cleaning the interior and the exterior of the unit

Wipe the inside of the unit with a weak solution of bicarbonate soda and then rinse with warm
water using a sponge or cloth. Wipe completely dry.
Use a damp cloth to clean the exterior, and then wipe with a standard furniture polish. Make sure
that the door is closed to avoid the polish getting on the magnetic door seal or inside the unit.

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