Control Panel; Operation; Temperature Setting; Fast Freeze Mode - Kenwood K250CFW17 Installation Instructions Manual

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control panel


Connect the mains cable to the mains socket. The internal temperature of your unit is controlled by
an electronic control panel on the door. Before changing any setting, ensure the lock
Press and hold the
The display panel will turn off automatically after a period of time for
energy saving.

temperature setting

Freezer temperature setting
1. Temperature range: -12°C to -24°C.
2. Press the + and – buttons to adjust to desired temperature.
3. Press and hold the
If the temperature is displayed in Centigrade, you can press
buttons simultaneously to switch to Fahrenheit, and vice versa.

fast freeze mode

Press the
lock the control panel. Temperature in the freezer will be quickly lowered to -24°C.
To cancel fast freezing, unlock the control panel and press +, – or the
indicator will turn off and the freezer temperature will resume to the previous setting.

temperature alarm

If the internal freezer temperature rises above -8°C (17.6°F) for more than 36 hours, the
temperature alarm will sound and the
off. The
indicator will remain red until temperature drops below -8°C.
Alarm Indicator
Fast Freeze
button for 3 seconds to lock/unlock.
button to lock the control panel.
button. The Fast Freeze indicator will illuminate. Press and hold the
Display panel
indicator will light up red. Press any button to turn alarm
Adjust Buttons
Fast Freeze
Lock / Unlock
and +
button, the Fast Freeze
is disabled.
button to

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents