Sautéing/Roasting; Deep Frying - Silvercrest SMUK 1500 A1 Operating Instructions Manual

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7) When the food is ready, use a pair of tongs or
similar to remove it from the steamer grill
The steamer grill
when handling the steamer grill
8) Set the temperature control to 0.
9) Remove the plug from the mains power socket.
When the appliance and remaining water
have cooled down, pour out the water via
the pouring runnel on the corner of the inner
After you have assembled the appliance as de-
scribed in the chapter "Assembly and setting up":
1) Add some oil to the inner bowl
2) Set the temperature control
heat-up indicator lamp
the desired temperature has been reached.
3) Place the sautéed/roasted food in the inner
4) Turn the food occasionally and remove it as
soon as it is ready.
Use the supplied skimmer
resistant plastic or wooden utensil to remove
food from the inner bowl
the coating of the inner bowl
damaged and the appliance may become
5) When you have removed the sautéed/roasted
food, turn the temperature controller
6) Remove the plug from the mains power socket.
SMUK 1500 A1
is very hot! Be careful
to level 5. The
lights up as soon as
or another heat-
. Otherwise
may be
to 0.

Deep frying

After you have assembled the appliance as de-
scribed in the chapter "Assembly and setting up":
1) Add some oil or another fat suitable for deep-
fat frying to the inner bowl
the inner bowl
until the MAX marking is
reached. Do not exceed the MAX marking!
2) Close the lid
3) Set the temperature control
The level
is to be found between the numbers
4 and 5 on the temperature control
up indicator lamp
desired temperature has been reached.
4) Add the food that is to be deep-fried into the
frying basket
. Ensure that the food is as
dry as possible and remove any excess ice
particles. Do not fill the frying basket
more than the MAX marking. Otherwise the
food will not be cooked properly as it will not
be properly immersed in the hot fat.
5) Remove the lid
and lower the frying basket
carefully into the hot fat. The rods on the
grab handle
are now positioned within the
notches of the inner bowl
6) Replace the lid
The grab handle
frying basket
during the frying process!
Fat can splash and cause burns if it comes
into contact with wet food. Be careful when
handling hot fat!
7) When the fried food is ready, remove the lid
and lift the frying basket
Using the hook
, hang it on the rim of the in-
ner bowl
. This allows the excess fat to drain.
. Add oil/fat to
to the level
. The heat-
lights up as soon as the
up to
remains attached to the
out of the hot fat.


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