Fondue; Steaming - Silvercrest SMUK 1500 A1 Operating Instructions Manual

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After you have assembled the appliance as de-
scribed in the chapter "Assembly and setting up":
1) Add some oil or another fat suitable for fondue
to the inner bowl
until the MAX marking is reached. Do
not exceed the MAX marking!
2) Close the lid
3) Set the temperature control
heat-up indicator lamp
the desired temperature has been reached.
4) Remove the lid
5) Skewer small pieces of meat onto the fondue
and lower these carefully into the hot
6) The pieces of meat will be ready in just a few
minutes. Remove them from the fat.
7) Once you are finished using the fondue, turn
the temperature to 0 and remove the plug from
the mains power socket.
After the oil or fat has cooled down (fat must
still be warm enough that it is still liquid),
pour it into suitable containers, for example,
bottles. Use the pouring spout at the corner of
the inner bowl
The disposal of cooking oils and fats is regu-
lated differently in every community or town.
Disposal of such oils or fats in normal domes-
tic waste is often prohibited. Make enquiries
at your local community administration office
about suitable disposal sites.
. Add oil/fat to the inner
to level 3. The
lights up as soon as


After you have assembled the appliance as de-
scribed in the chapter "Assembly and setting up":
1) Add about 1 litre of water to the inner bowl
1 litre of water is sufficient for about 30 minutes
of steaming. If you wish to steam for a longer
period, add more water accordingly. Pour a
maximum of 2.5 litres of water into the appli-
ance. Otherwise, the boiling water may spray
onto the food from below.
The MIN and MAX markings on the inner
only apply to fat/oil levels! They are
not to be observed when adding water!
The volume of water depends upon the dura-
tion for which you wish to steam. The longer
the food needs to cook, the more water you
will need to add.
The more frequently the lid
during cooking, the longer the cooking dura-
tion. Hot steam escapes every time the lid is
raised! You may then require more water as
a portion of the steam escapes each time the
lid is raised.
If, during cooking, the water is used up,
carefully lift the lid
the appliance. While re-adding water, ensure
that it does not flow onto the food. After re-
adding the water, it will take a while before
the water is heated and steam re-forms.
2) Hang the steamer grill
as described in the chapter "Assembly and
setting up".
3) Set the temperature control
4) Wait until steam is perceptibly emitted.
5) Place the food onto the steamer grill
6) Now close the lid
is raised
and add fresh water to
in the inner bowl
to level 4.
SMUK 1500 A1


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