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Your New Appliance; Customer Service - Siemens DE 1113415 Installation And Operating Instructions Manual

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Table of Contents
Operating instructions
Please read and observe the detailed safety instructions
at the start of these instructions!
Important: The appliance may never be exposed to frost!
Risk of electric shock!
Switch off the mains voltage supply immediately if
a fault occurs.
Immediately shut off the cold water supply to the appli-
ance should it leak.

Your new appliance

The electronic continuous-flow heater "electronic comfort" is
intended exclusively for heating water which flows through
the appliance.
The continuous-flow heater switches on and heats the water
when the warm water tap is opened. It switches off as soon
as the tap is closed.
Operating the continuous-flow
Selecting shower temperature
You can select the desired temperature by turning the con-
tinuously variable rotary knob, which can be adjusted from
30 °C to 60 °C.
Conserving energy and water
Mixing in of cold water in the fitting requires unnecessary
water and energy. You should therefore set the desired tem-
perature directly on the continuous-flow heater and then
open the water tap.
In "e" position the appliance is operated economically.
Using the appliance after switching off
the water supply
Switch off the appliance (unscrew the fuse in the
Open the warm water tap and keep it open until the air
has been completely forced out of the water pipe.
Switch the fuse back on again.
The appliance is now ready to operate.
Winter operation
Note: It is possible in winter that the supply temperature of
the water is reduced and the required outlet temperature is
no longer achieved.
In order to compensate for this temperature reduction,
please reduce the water quantity on the tap until the re-
quired water temperature is achieved.
Only wipe off the appliance using a moist cloth. Do not
use acidic or abrasive cleaning materials.
Do not use a steam cleaner.
Notes: It is normally not necessary to descale the appliance.
However, extremely hard water and the frequent flows of
very hot water can cause the appliance to scale up. In this
case please contact our after-sales service.

Customer Service

We ask you to always provide the E-No. and the FD-No. of
your appliance when calling in a customer service engineer.
You will find the numbers on the inner side of the fold up
operating panel on the continuous-flow heater.
This appliance is labelled in accordance with Euro-
pean Directive 2012/19/EG concerning used elec-
trical and electronic appliances (waste electrical
and electronic equipment – WEEE).
The guideline determines the framework for the
return and recycling of used appliances as applica-
ble throughout the EU.
Please ask your specialist retailer about current
disposal facilities.
The guarantee conditions for this appliance are as defined by
our representative in the country in which it is sold.
Details regarding these conditions can be obtained from the
dealer from whom the appliance was purchased. The bill of
sale or receipt must be produced when making any claim
under the terms of this guarantee.
Subject to change without notice.


Table of Contents

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