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Assembly - Husqvarna LC 356VP Operator's Manual

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WARNING: The muffler becomes very hot
during and after use and when the engine
operates at idle speed. Be careful near
flammable materials and/or fumes to prevent
To do a check of the muffler
Examine the muffler regularly to make sure that it is
attached correctly and not damaged.
Fuel safety
WARNING: Read the warning instructions
that follow before you use the product.
Do not start the product if there is fuel or engine oil
on the product. Remove the unwanted fuel/oil and let
the product dry.
If you spill fuel on your clothing, change clothing
Do not get fuel on your body, it can cause injury. If
you get fuel on your body, use soap and water to
remove the fuel.
Do not start the product if the engine has a leak.
Examine the engine for leaks regularly.
Be careful with fuel. Fuel is flammable and the fumes
are explosive and can cause injuries or death.
Do not breathe in the fuel fumes, it can cause injury.
Make sure that there is a sufficient airflow.
Do not smoke near the fuel or the engine.
Do not put warm objects near the fuel or the engine.
Do not add the fuel when the engine is on.
Make sure that the engine is cool before you refuel.
Before you refuel, open the fuel tank cap slowly and
release the pressure carefully.
Do not add fuel to the engine in an indoor area. Not
sufficient airflow can cause injury or death because
of asphyxiation or carbon monoxide.
WARNING: Before you assemble the
product, you must read and understand the
safety chapter.
WARNING: Remove the spark plug cable
from the spark plug before you assemble the
To assemble the handle
1. Loosen the lower knobs.
2. Move the knobs to the lower end of the grooves on
the left and the right side of the product. (Fig. 12)
1227 - 003 - 17.09.2019
Tighten the fuel tank cap fully. If the fuel tank cap is
not tightened, there is a risk of fire.
Move the product a minimum of 3 m / 10 ft from the
position where you filled the tank before a start.
Do not fill the fuel tank fully. Heat causes the fuel to
expand. Keep a space at the top of the fuel tank.
Safety instructions for maintenance
WARNING: Read the warning instructions
that follow before you use the product.
The exhaust fumes from the engine contain carbon
monoxide, an odourless, poisonous and very
dangerous gas. Do not start the engine indoors or in
closed spaces.
Before you do the maintenance on the product, stop
the engine and remove the ignition cable from the
spark plug.
Use protective gloves when you do maintenance on
the cutting equipment. The blade is very sharp and
cuts can easily occur.
Accessories and changes to the product that are not
approved by the manufacturer, can cause serious
injury or death. Do not change the product. Always
use accessories that are approved by the
If the maintenance is not done correctly and
regularly, the risk of injury and damage to the
product increases.
Only do the maintenance as given in this owner's
manual. All other servicing must be done by an
approved Husqvarna service agent.
Let an approved Husqvarna service agent do
servicing on the product regularly.
Replace damaged, worn or broken parts.


3. Set the handle height in one of the 2 available
4. Move the knobs up in the direction of the handle until
they stop and you hear a click. (Fig. 13)
5. Tighten the knobs fully.
To set the product in transport position
1. For LC 153S: Remove the battery.
2. Loosen the lower knobs.
3. Move the knobs to the lower end of the grooves on
the left and the right side of the product. (Fig. 12)
4. Fold the handle forward. (Fig. 14)



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