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Maintenance - Husqvarna LC 356VP Operator's Manual

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Before you pull the product rearward, disengage the
drive and push the product forward approximately 10
Release the drive bail to disengage the drive, for
example when you go near an obstacle.
To stop the product
To stop the drive only, release the drive bail.
To stop the engine, release the engine brake handle.
To use the product with the grass
catcher (LC 153P, LC 153S, LC
WARNING: Do not operate the product
without a grass catcher installed or without
the rear cover closed. Objects can eject and
cause injury to the operator.
1. Lift the rear cover and remove the mulch plug if it is
installed. (Fig. 22)
2. Assemble the grass catcher, refer to
the grass catcher (LC 153P, LB 256S, LC 356VP) on
page 10 .
3. Put the grass catcher on the bracket.
4. Release the rear cover and put it on top of the grass
bag frame. (Fig. 23)
To change the product to mulch mode
(LC 153P, LC 153S, LC 356VP)
Make sure the engine is off before you change the
product to mulch mode.
1. Lift the rear cover and remove the grass catcher, if it
is installed.
2. Put the mulch plug into the discharge channel. (Fig.
3. Close the rear cover and make sure that it is tightly
closed against the mulch plug.
4. Replace the blade with the mulch blade that is
supplied in the mulch kit. Refer to
blade on page 12 .
To change the product to side
discharge mode
1. Lift the rear cover and remove the grass bag, if it is
WARNING: Before you do maintenance, you
must read and understand the safety
1227 - 003 - 17.09.2019
To assemble
To replace the


2. Close the rear cover and make sure that it is tightly
closed against the product.
3. Lift the discharge lock. (Fig. 25)
4. Open the side discharge guard and install the side
discharge deflector onto the support pins. (Fig. 26)
5. Let the side discharge guard close against the side
discharge deflector. Make sure that the side
discharge deflector is tightly in position before you
operate the product.
To empty the grass catcher
CAUTION: Do not drag the bag when you
empty the grass catcher to prevent wear.
1. Lift the grass catcher with the frame handle. (Fig. 27)
2. Remove grass clippings from the grass catcher from
below the handle.
3. Empty grass clippings from the bag with the frame
handle and the bag handle.
To get a good result
Always use a sharp blade. A blunt blade gives an
irregular result and the cut surface of the grass
becomes yellow. A sharp blade also uses less
energy than a blunt blade.
Do not cut more than ⅓ of the length of the grass.
Use the highest cutting height when you start to cut
the grass. Examine the result and lower the cutting
height to an applicable level. If the grass is very long,
operate slowly and cut 2 times if it is necessary.
Cut in different directions each time to prevent
stripes in the lawn.
Lift the rear cover and remove the grass catcher.
If a mulch plug and a mulch blade are attached,
remove them.
Close the rear cover before you operate the product.
When you operate the product, the cut grass
discharges below the rear cover.
For all servicing and repair work on the product, special
training is necessary. We guarantee the availability of
professional repairs and servicing. If your dealer is not a
service agent, speak to them for information about the
nearest service agent.



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