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Helpful Hints And Tips - AEG A92300HLW0 User Manual

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6.5 Storage baskets
6.6 Plastic Low divider
With the low divider you can have a bet-
ter use of the space above the compres-
sor. The space formed this way will allow
you to store small food packs that can
be found more easily.


7.1 Hints for freezing
To help you make the most of the freez-
ing process, here are some important
• the maximum quantity of food which
can be frozen in 24 hrs. is shown on
the rating plate;
• the freezing process takes 24 hours.
No further food to be frozen should
be added during this period;
• only freeze top quality, fresh and thor-
oughly cleaned, foodstuffs;
• prepare food in small portions to ena-
ble it to be rapidly and completely fro-
zen and to make it possible subse-
quently to thaw only the quantity re-
• wrap up the food in aluminium foil or
polythene and make sure that the
packages are airtight;
• do not allow fresh, unfrozen food to
touch food which is already frozen,
thus avoiding a rise in temperature of
the latter;
• lean foods store better and longer
than fatty ones; salt reduces the stor-
age life of food;
Hang the baskets on the upper edge of
the freezer (A) or place them inside the
freezer (B). Turn and fix the handles for
these two positions as shown in the pic-
The baskets will slide into each other.
You can purchase additional baskets
from your local Service Centre.
• water ices, if consumed immediately
after removal from the freezer com-
partment, can possibly cause the skin
to be freeze burnt;
• it is advisable to show the freezing in
date on each individual pack to enable
you to keep tab of the storage time.
7.2 Hints for storage of frozen
To obtain the best performance from
this appliance, you should:
• make sure that the commercially fro-
zen foodstuffs were adequately stored
by the retailer;
• be sure that frozen foodstuffs are
transferred from the foodstore to the
freezer in the shortest possible time;
• not open the lid frequently or leave it
open longer than absolutely necessa-
• Once defrosted, food deteriorates
rapidly and cannot be refrozen.
• Do not exceed the storage period in-
dicated by the food manufacturer.
The separator may also be used
as a tray at the time of defrosting
the freezer.


Table of Contents

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