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First Use; Daily Use - AEG A92300HLW0 User Manual

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4.2 High temperature alarm
An increase in the temperature in the
freezer (for example due to an power
failure) is indicated by switching on of
the Alarm light


5.1 Cleaning the interior
Before using the appliance for the first
time, wash the interior and all internal
accessories with lukewarm water and
some neutral soap so as to remove the


6.1 Freezing fresh food
The freezer compartment is suitable for
freezing fresh food and storing frozen
and deep-frozen food for a long time.
To freeze fresh food activate the FROST-
MATIC function at least 24 hours before
placing the food to be frozen in the
freezer compartment.
The maximum amount of food that can
be frozen in 24 hours is specified on the
rating plate (Refer to "Technical data").
The freezing process lasts 24 hours: dur-
ing this period do not add other food to
be frozen.
6.2 Storage of frozen food
When first starting-up or after a period
out of use, before putting the products
in the compartment let the appliance run
at least 2 hours on the higher settings.
In the event of accidental de-
frosting, for example due to a
power failure, if the power has
been off for longer than the val-
ue shown in the technical charac-
teristics chart under "rising
time", the defrosted food must
be consumed quickly or cooked
immediately and then re-frozen
(after cooling).
During the alarm phase, don't place
food inside the freezer.
When normal conditions are restored
the Alarm light will switch off automati-
typical smell of a brand-new product,
then dry thoroughly.
Do not use detergents or abra-
sive powders, as these will dam-
age the finish.
6.3 Opening and closing the
As the lid is equipped with a tightly clos-
ing seal, it is not easy to reopen it shortly
after closing (due to the vacuum formed
Wait a few minutes before reopening
the appliance. The vacuum valve will
help you to open the lid.
Never pull the handle with im-
mense force.
6.4 Low frost System
The appliance is equipped with Low
frost System (you can see a valve inside
the freezer in the backside) what reduces
ice-build-up in the chest freezer by up to
80 percent.


Table of Contents

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