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Dimensioning Of The Power Supply Unit And The Battery; Dimensioning Of The Power Supply Unit; Battery - Honeywell ACS-2plus Installation Instructions Manual

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Installation instructions / ACS-2 plus

Dimensioning of the power supply unit and the battery


Dimensioning of the power supply unit

The ACS-2 plus (Item no.026547) is delivered with a power supply/charging unit.
The ACS-2 plus (Item no.026548) is delivered without a power supply unit. The power supply is to be mounted
seperately or you can use an already existing power supply, e. g. from a hazard detection system.
If you use a 12V DC power supply, please observe that the output voltage must be free of
ground potential


The ACS-2 plus is equipped with an battery holder for:
Directives for the power supply
The power supply must be connected to the mains via a separate fuse. If the electrical
installation is equipped with a residual current operated circuit-breaker (FI circuit-breaker), the
power supply must be provided with an own residual current operated circuit-breaker. The
fuse and the FI circuit-breaker should be located within the safety area, if possible.
If the power supply is not part of the central unit, it must be mounted closely (with no
clearance) to ensure that an attack on the connection cable is not possible without
mechanically having to damage the housing.
We recommend screwing the central unit and the power supply directly together. No
consumers from other systems may be connected to the voltage of the power supply.
Only use approved batteries for the power supply. Only use batteries of the same age and
originating from the same production series.
By means of a flexible "Dual Lock" fastening tape, the ACS-2 plus can be attached to an battery 12V / 2.0A,
item no. 018002.
Cover with "Dual Lock" fastening tape
Stick one "Dual Lock" tape (item no. 055280) to the inside of the ACS-2 plus (see illustration) and one "Dual
Lock" tape to the battery.
Make sure that the surface is dry and free of grease.
Then press the battery on the Velcro fastening tape.
Use the red (+) and black/red (-) cable of the PCB for connecting the battery to the PCB.
Cover with installed battery
1 x 018002
Battery 12V 2.0Ah



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