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Inserting / Changing Lithium Battery - Honeywell ACS-2plus Installation Instructions Manual

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Installation instructions / ACS-2 plus
Insert/change lithium battery
The device contains a lithium battery.
To avoid the risk of fire or burns, the battery must not be damaged, short-circuited or
reloaded. Do not contact it with fire or water. There is a risk of explosion if the battery is
changed improperly.
Replace the battery only by the same or an equivalent type recommended by the
Dispose used batteries according to EU guidline 2006/66 (see info next page).
A batteriy change must only be carried out by qualified personell introduced to the VDE
Danger of data loss / disruption in operation!
All data will be lost if the device is set to dead-voltage and the battery is removed. Data
must be reloaded to the controller via the AC-software function "Load data". According
to the amount of data, this procedure may vary in length of time. During this time the
concerned doors are without any function.
If the power fails, the data is maintained by a lithium battery.
The life span of the lithium battery is approx. 3 years. If a power failure occurs for a lengthy period, the capacity
of the battery is considerably reduced.
Since the status of the battery cannot be clearly determined it is recommended that the battery be changed every
two years.
Lithium battery (type CR 2477N, 3 V 950 mAh) for data preservation in ACS-2plus = item no. 018050.
"Battery empty" Message
The ACS-2plus continuously checks the status of the lithium battery. If the voltage reaches a critical state,
MultiAccess for Windows or IQ MultiAccess issues the "Battery empty" message and the "Tamper" LED of the
ACS-2plus lights up.
In this instance, the battery must be replaced immediately.
Open the device as described in
chapter 8.2 ,steps 1 to 4.
Bear in mind that the tamper switch is
activated; you have to reset the
tamper message of the respective
controller in MultiAccess for Windows
or IQ Multi Access.
Example in MultiAccess for Windows:
- System data
- System parameter
- Terminal
- Alarm/display reset



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