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User's Manual - Epson IR-700 User Manual

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If water or other liquid spills into this product, power off the IR-700, unplug the
power cable of the IR-700 immediately, and then contact your dealer or an
Epson service center for advice. Continued use may lead to fire or shock.
Always supply power directly from a standard domestic power outlet.
Do not place multiple loads on the power outlet (wall outlet). Overloading the
outlet may lead to fire.
The equipment must be installed near the power outlet, and the outlet must be
easily accessible in case of emergency.
Be sure your power cable meets the relevant safety standards and includes a
power system ground terminal (PE terminal).
Handle the power cable with care. Improper handling of the power cable may
cause fire hazard or electric shock.
Do not modify or attempt to repair the cable.
Do not place any heavy object on top of the cable.
Avoid excessive bending, twisting, and pulling of the cable.
Do not place the cable near heating equipment.
Check that the plug is clean before plugging it in.
Be sure to push the prongs all the way in.
Do not use a damaged cable.
Regularly remove the power plug from the outlet and clean the base of the
prongs and between the prongs. If you leave the power plug in the outlet for a
long time, dust may collect on the base of the prongs, causing a short and fire.
Do not attempt to open or disassemble the internal lithium battery. This could
result in burns or release of hazardous chemicals.
Do not charge or leave the internal lithium battery in a hot place such as near a
fire or on a heater because it could overheat and ignite.
Do not block the openings of this product. The product overheats and fire may
Do not place the product in an unventilated narrow location, such as
a bookshelf.
Do not place the product on carpet or bedding.
Do not cover the product with a blanket or tablecloth.
Do not connect a telephone line to the drawer-kick connector of the printer.
The telephone line or printer may become damaged.
For pluggable equipment, the outlet must be near the equipment and be easily
The 24 V-output for the Powered USB is not supplied by an LPS.
Main unit
If you power off the IR-700, wait more than 10 seconds before you power it
on again. If the IR-700 is powered on without an interval, it may not start up
Do not connect the unit to power outlets that are close to devices that
generate voltage fluctuations or electrical noise. In particular, stay clear of
devices that use large electric motors. Otherwise, the IR-700 and the POS
system may malfunction.
Do not use this product with any voltage other than the specified one.
Doing so may lead to fire.
Always connect the power cable to the AC inlet of this product before
plugging it into the power outlet.
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