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Remote Control - Xerox DP1011 User Manual

Visioneer projector user's guide dp1011
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User Controls

Remote Control

Transmit Indicator Light
Transmit Indicator Light—Indicates the infrared signal that is
transmitted to, and received by the projector.
PiP—Displays the Pip menu of the On-Screen Display (OSD).
Source—Selects type of video source: RGB, Component-p,
Component-i, S-Video, Composite Video, or HDTV.
Power—Turns projector power on and off. See "Powering On/Off
the Projector" on page 8 for the specific power on/off sequences.
Hide—Hides image being displayed. Press again to resume
display of image.
Keystone—Adjusts image distortion caused by tilting the projector
(+/- 16 degrees).
Freeze—Holds the current image still on the screen. Press again
to resume the action.
Zoom In/Zoom Out—Enlarges or reduces image. Press Zoom In
to enlarge the image, press Zoom Out to reduce the image.
Directional Selection Keys (
)—Selects items on the
OSD menus. If an item is selected, makes adjustments to that
selected item
Menu—Opens the On-screen Display (OSD) menus. Press the
Menu button again to exit the OSD.
Xerox DP1011 User's Guide


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