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Why is there excess liquid in the drip tray & used pod bin after making a beverage?
There may be residual liquid from used pods in the used pod bin that causes excess
liquid in the drip tray. Please make sure you discard the used pods from the discard bin
frequently (approximately every 10 uses for the 580 machine).
Can I stop making a drink mid-way through the process?
You can press any button to stop your machine mid-way through the process. However,
for the best tasting beverages, we recommend that you follow instructions in the Quick
Start Guide.
Can I press the button again to continue making my drink?
Each time you press the button, the machine will start preparing the new full cycle for
the selected beverage.
Why is water being dispensed instead of the beverage I selected?
The pod that you inserted may have dropped through the machine into the used pod
bin without being punctured. Lift the machine's handle all the way back so it is at a 90
degree angle to the machine. Take that same pod from the used pod bin and re-insert
it. Close the handle quickly with one swift, continuous motion. You will feel some
pressure or tension as you close the handle – this is normal. The pressure indicates the
machine is puncturing the pod in preparation to brew. Avoid back and forth movement
of the handle or hesitation when closing it.
Why can't I get the used pod bin out?
This could be because your used pod bin is too full. Try moving the drip tray side to side
to loosen the bin. We recommend emptying the used pod bin every 10 uses for the 580
How long does the coffee remain fresh in the pods?
The coffee remains freshly packed in the Verismo ™ pod until ready for use. Please
refer to the "Best before" date indicated on each pod.
How should I store the Verismo™ pods?
For best quality of beverages, all Verismo™ pods should be stored in a cool, dry area at
room temperature.
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