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STARBUCKS Verismo Frequently Asked Questions page 4

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What is happening when the lights are blinking?
The blinking lights indicate the machine is taking a few seconds to adjust to the
appropriate brewing temperature. Espresso shots and Brewed Coffee require a higher
brewing temperature than the Milk pod.
How often do I have to clean the drip tray and used pod container? Are these items
dishwasher safe?
We recommend that the drip tray and used pod bin should be cleaned daily, when in
use. Hand wash with warm water and a mild detergent. Do not wash removable parts of
the appliance in the dishwasher.
How can I get larger beverages from my machine?
The Caffè Latte recipe – one Espresso pod and one Milk pod – creates the right balance
you expect from Starbucks. If you would like a larger Caffé Latte, you can insert an
additional Milk pod and press Milk (bottom) button, which will create an 11 oz. Caffè
Latte. Alternatively, you can purchase a Starbucks® or Verismo™ Milk frother to
customize your milk choice and your latte size. For Brewed Coffee, which makes a 7.1
oz. beverage, you can add an extra pod, and follow steps for brewing coffee, to make a
14.2 oz. beverage.
What happens if I make the espresso first and then insert the Milk pod for the latte?
You will still get the same Caffé Latte. However, we recommend the Milk pod is used
first and the Espresso pod second. Following these steps allows the Espresso to
properly blend with the dairy to create your Starbucks® latte. This method also helps
to ensure there is no residual dairy in the machine after making the beverage.
Can the pods be recycled?
The pods are comprised of mixed, multi-layer plastics, which mean they are generally
not recyclable. Please check with your local recycling/waste authority to see if your area
I cannot fit my mug into the space between the nozzle and drip tray? How can I
adjust this?
The Verismo® system has a height-adjustable drip tray. The tray contains a riser where
you can place your mug or cup closer to the nozzle. In order to accommodate larger
mugs or cups, you can remove the riser and place the drip tray grate on the lower
portion of the drip tray.
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