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Motorola PMMN4096 User Manual page 6

Wireless rsm for portables solutions
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Vehicular Charger PMLN6716_
Equipment shall be used in vehicle and in dry condition. Keep in mind
that rain or snow can reach the equipment i.e. through an open
vehicle window.
Ensure the WRSM with attached battery or battery alone is dry before
inserting into the Vehicular Charger.
Connect equipment only to an appropriately vehicle's cigar lighter
socket of the correct voltage (as specified on the product).
Disconnect from line voltage by removing the CLA.
Maximum ambient temperature around the Vehicular Charger
equipment must not exceed 60 °C (140 °F).
Output voltage from the vehicle's cigar lighter socket unit must not
exceed the ratings stated on the product label located at the back of
the charger.
Make sure the cord is located where it will not be stepped on, tripped
over, or subjected to water, damage, or stress.
The Wireless Remote Speaker Microphone (WRSM) is compatible with
the radios listed below:
Table 1.2: Radios Compatibility
Kit (Part) Number
North America
XPR7380, XPR7550e, XPR7580e,
DGP8550e, DGP5550e, DGP8050e,
Latin America
DP4801e, DP4601e, DP4401e, DP4801,
European and Middle East
XiR P8668i, XiR P8628i, XiR P8608i, XiR
Asia Pacific
XPR7550, XPR7580, XPR7350,
XPR7350e, and XPR7380e
DGP5050e, and DGP8050e
DP4601, DP4401, DP3441e, and
E8608i, and XiR E8608

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Table of Contents

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