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001_P3000_EU_ASIA_Type_Eng.indd 7
001_P3000_EU_ASIA_Type_Eng.indd 7
Checking the remaining battery power
Check the remaining battery power by pressing
the Battery level button.
The indicator lights alerts you to the remaining
battery power.
Indicator light status
battery power
Four indicator lights on
70–100 %
Three indicator lights on
40–70 %
Two indicator lights on
20–40 %
One indicator light on
5–20 %
One indicator light blinking
0–5 %
Using the battery pack
1. Connect one end of the USB cable to the
battery pack's USB charger port. Then, plug
the other end of the USB cable into the
mobile device's multipurpose jack.
2. After the mobile device is fully charged,
disconnect the USB cable from both devices.
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2017-06-15 오전 10:01:12

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