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Connecting The Power Supply Cable - Fujitsu AIRSTAGE UTY-VKGX Installation Manual

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6.1. Connecting the power supply cable

(1) Remove the 4 screws (M4 × 6 mm), and then remove the cover of main
(2) As shown in the illustration below, remove the two screws (M4×6mm),
and remove the cover.
Remove the two screws, and remove the cover.
(3) Make a hole in the center of the dust proof bushing with a driver.
(4) Pass the power supply cable through the hole of dust proof bushing
and pull it into the body.
(5) Connect the power supply cable to their respective terminal block.
(6) Securely tighten the cable tie and then confi rm that the cable will not
come out.
Tightening strength
Cable tie
(Power supply cable)
0.3 to 0.5 N
(2.7 to 4.4 lbf)
(3 to 5 kgf)
Dust proof bushing
The screw hole
Power supply cable
Cable tie
* When wiring the cable to the opposite side, fi x the cable as shown below:
(1) Remove the cable tie holder attached to the sheet metal.
(2) Attach the cable tie holder to the screw hole in the direction where the
cable is wired.
(3) Fix the cable with the cable tie.
Cable tie *



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