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Off-Season Storage - Craftsman C459-36203 Operator's Manual

21” lawn mower
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preparinG tHe enGine
For engines stored over 30 days:
To prevent gum from forming in fuel system or on carburetor
parts, run engine until it stops from lack of fuel or add a gasoline
additive to the gas in the tank. If you use a gas additive, run the
engine for several minutes to circulate the additive through the
carburetor—after which the engine and fuel can be stored up to
24 months.
While engine is still warm, change the oil.
Clean engine of surface debris.


Never store lawn mower with fuel in tank indoors or in poorly
ventilated areas where fuel fumes may reach an open flame, spark,
or pilot light as on a furnace, water heater, clothes dryer, or gas
preparinG tHe laWn mOWer
Clean and lubricate mower thoroughly as described in the lubrica-
tion instructions.
Do not use a pressure washer or garden hose to clean your unit.
Coat mower's cutting blade with chassis grease to prevent
Refer to PREPARING THE ENGINE for correct engine storage
Store mower in a dry, clean area. Do not store next to corrosive
materials, such as fertilizer.
When storing any type of power equipment in a poorly ventilated or
metal storage shed, care should be taken to rust-proof the equipment.
Using a light oil or silicone, coat the equipment, especially cables and
all moving parts of your lawn mower before storage.

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