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Troubleshooting - Electrolux FLOW A3 Instruction Book

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When fault indicators show that the system is not operating properly, perform the following check.
Commonly Asked Questions & Topics
Carry out the operations below for commonly-occurring questions or faults.
Questions or Faults
Can the filters be washed?
The control panel does
not seem to work.
The equipment emits a lot
of noise.
The equipment operates
normally but the outgoing
air volume is significantly
If the fault encountered is not listed above, please call the Customer Service Hotline.
Possible Diagnosis
• Power cord issue
• Filter compartment issue
• Fan Motor Failure
The installation location is not
at even level or the filter is not
properly inserted.
The outlet might be blocked by
a foreign object or the filter has
not been replaced in a timely
Corrective Steps / Reasoning
Replace the compound filter instead
of wash, the pre-filter can be wiped.
1. Please ensure power cord is firmly
attached to the unit as well as socket
on the wall and then retry pressing the
ON/OFF icon.
2. Please reopen bottom of the unit,
readjust the filter so it is centrally placed
in cavity and close the bottom. Ensure
bottom is firmly in place & locked and
then retry operating the unit.
3. If above two steps do not resolve this
issue, then the unit has experienced a
fan motor failure and will not operate.
Please contact Electrolux authorized
servicer for further troubleshooting or
Install the equipment on a level
surface and re-confirm filter
installation position and order.
Please re-adjust the equipment
installation position to ensure enough
space is reserved, and confirm that
filter have been replaced according to
filter replacement indicator status.

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