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Mitsubishi Electric CMY-Q100CBK Installation Manual page 4

Air conditioner city multi twinning kit
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4. Insulation Cover Installation
Install the insulation cover on the twinning kit after brazing the pipes and twinning kit.
Insulate all refrigerant pipes. Insulate the high-pressure and low-pressure pipes separately, and pipes located inside the unit as well as
the outside. Use heat-resistant insulation material (Heat resistant : at least 120°C [248°F], Thickness: high-pressure = 10 mm [13/32
in.], low-pressure = 20 mm [13/16 in.] ). Position the edges of the insulation cover and heat-resistant insulation material so as not to
leave a gap, and then wrap the exterior perimeter of the pipe joints and middle with tape (field-supplied).
field-supplied pipe
field-supplied pipe
2 High-pressure
twinning pipe
field-supplied pipe
5. Installing the water stopper
Make sure to install the supplied water stopper and sealing material when providing insulation.
The water stopper supplied with this kit is for the main low-pressure pipe. For the low-pressure pipe between heat source units, use the
water stopper and the sealing material that are supplied with the unit.
6. Miscellaneous Notes
Secure the field-supplied pipes with a pipe cover and a cable tie in place to keep them from coming in contact with other pipes as
Install the insulation cover so that the edges of the cover meet at the top.
Heat-resistant insulation material (field-supplied)
To be gap free
b Insulation cover
Heat-resistant insulation material (field-supplied)
Insulation cover
Overlap margin of the tape
To be gap free
Heat-resistant insulation material (field-supplied)
Tape (field-supplied)
A : Position the edge of the supplied paper with mark at the edge of the pipe cover.
Then, wind the sealing material to the pipe, using the mark on the paper to properly align it.
B : Extend the field-supplied insulation all the way to the end of the sealing material described
in step A.
C : Install the water stopper at the end face of the insulation.
D : Mark
E : Install the sealing material so that the edges of the material meet at the top.
F : Inside the unit
G : Pipe cover
H : The seam of the insulation should be at the top.
I : Sealing material
J : Install the water stopper so that the slit of the water stopper is at the top.
K : Water stopper
Tape (field-supplied)
Insulation covers can shrink.
Overlap the tape as shown in the
left figure so that there will be no
gap in-between the insulation cover
or field-installed insulation material.
See reverse.



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