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In the unlikely event the appliance
develops a fault, stop using it
immediately and seek advice from
the manufacturer.
In case of technical problems,
switch off the product and do not
attempt to repair it yourself. Return
the appliance to an authorised
service facility for examination,
adjustment or repair. Always
insist on the use of original spare
parts. Failure to comply with the
above mentioned precautions and
instructions, could affect the safe
operation of this product.
Additional safety instructions for
Air Coolers and Fans
Install the unit on flat and hard floor
to diminish vibration or noise.
Always operate the appliance on a
smooth, even, stable surface. Do
not place the unit on a hot surface.
Ensure that the unit is switched off
after use.
Do not immerse cables, plugs or
any part of the appliance in water
or any other liquid.
Operate the unit only at the voltage
Do not use the unit near open
windows, as contact with rain and
other natural elements could cause
an electrical hazard
Do not put heavy objects on the
Do not tip the unit on its side.
(Original instructions)
Never insert any other object into
the unit body to avoid any hazard
or unit failure.
Do not put the unit close to
heat-generating devices or
near flammable and dangerous
If the supply cable is damaged,
it must be replaced by the
manufacturer or its service agent or
a similarly qualified person in order
to avoid a hazard
The appliance must be positioned
so that the plug is accessible.
For optimal airflow circulation,
leave a distance of at least 1 metre
around the appliance on every side.
Always direct the airflow in order
to optimise cooling. Avoid corners,
small objects and other surfaces
or objects which may impede the
WARNING: Do not place the unit
on or near a hot gas electric burner.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents