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Daily Use - Electrolux TWGL5IE300 User Manual

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8.2 Noises
Different noises may be
heard at different times
during the drying cycle. They
are perfectly normal
operating sounds.
Working compressor.
Rotating drum.


9.1 Preparing the laundry
Very often the clothes after
washing cycle are kneaded
and tangled altogether.
Drying kneaded and tangled
clothes is inefficient.
To assure proper air flow
and even drying it is
recommended to shake and
load one by one the clothes
to the tumble dryer.
To assure proper drying process:
• Close the zips.
• Close the fasteners of duvet covers.
• Do not dry ties or ribbons loose (e.g.
apron ribbons). Tie them before you
start a programme.
• Remove all items from pockets.
Working fans.
Working pump and transferring
condensation to the tank.
• Turn items with the internal layer
made of cotton inside out. Cotton
layer must be faced outwards.
• Always set the programme suitable
for the type of laundry.
• Do not put light and dark colours
• Use suitable programme for cottons,
jersey and knitwear to reduce
• Do not exceed the maximum load
stated in the programmes chapter or
shown on the display.
• Dry only the laundry that is suitable
for tumble drying. Refer to the fabric
label on the items.
• Do not dry large and small items
together. Small items can be trapped
inside the large items and remain wet.
• Shake the large clothes, fabrics
before placing in the tumble dryer. It is



Table of Contents