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Electrolux Partner P 543 Instruction Manual page 10

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oil pump, the bar and the chain.
• It is important to use oil of the right viscosity
according to the air temperature.
• In temperatures below 0oC (32oF) some oils
become too viscous. This can overload the oil
pump and result in damage to the oil pump com-
• Contact your servicing dealer when choosing chain oil.
Taking the following precautions, will lessen the
risk of fire.
• Do not smoke or place warm objects in the vicini-
ty of the fuel.
• Always shut off the engine before refuelling.
• Slowly open the fuel cap, when filling fuel, so that
possible overpressure is slowly released.
• Tighten the fuel cap carefully after fuelling.
• Always move the saw from the fuelling area before
Clean around the fuel cap. Clean the fuel and chain oil
tanks regularly. The fuel filter should be changed at least
once a year. Contamination in the fuel tanks causes
malfunction. Make sure the fuel is well mixed by shak-
ing the container before fuelling. The volume of chain oil
and fuel tanks are adjusted to each other. Therefore,
always fill chain oil and fuel at the same time.
• Never start the saw engine without the bar, chain
and clutch cover (chain brake) assembled - or else
the clutch can come loose and cause personal
• Always move the saw away from the fueling area
before starting.
• Place the saw on clear ground and make sure that
the chain is not contacting anything. Also, make
sure that you have a secure footing.
• Keep people and animals well away from the
working area.
Cold engine
Disengage the chain brake by pulling the hand guard
towards the front handle.
IGNITION: Move the ignition switch to startposition.
CHOKE: Set the choke control in choke position.
FAST IDLE: Combined choke/fast idle is received
when the choke is moved to choke position.
Warm engine
Use the same procedure as for starting cold engine
but without choke. Fast idle is recived by first set the
choke control in choke position, and then back again.
Grip the front handle with your left hand and hold the
saw down by putting your right foot in the rear han-
dle. Pull the starter handle with your right hand and
pull out the starter cord slowly until the starter pawls
engage. Then pull sharply.
Push in the choke control immediately when the
engine ignites and make repeated starting attemps.
When the engine starts, rapidly give full throttle. Then
the throttle latch will disengage.
CAUTION! Do not release the starter handle from fully
pulled out position as this can cause damage on the
The engine is stopped by switching off the ignition.
(Move the ignition switch to stopposition.)
• Always use full throttle when cutting!
• Reduce the speed to idle after every cut (run-
ning the engine for too long at full throttle without
any load can lead to serious engine damage).
• Cutting from above = Cutting on the pull stroke.
• Cutting from below = Cutting on the push stroke.
There are five important factors you should consider
before making a cut:
1 Make sure the bar will not jam in the cut.
2 Make sure the log will not split.
3 Make sure the chain will not strike the ground or
any other object during or after cutting.
4 Is there a risk of kickback?
5 Do the conditions and surrounding terrain affect
your safety when working?
If the chain jams in the cut: STOP THE ENGINE!
Don't try to pull the saw free. If you do you may dam-
age the chain when the saw suddenly breaks free.
Use a lever to open up the cut and free the bar.
The following instructions describe how to handle
most types of situation that you will be faced with
when using a chain saw.