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Using The Accessories - AEG BPE556220B User Manual

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Refer to Safety chapters.
8.1 Core temperature sensor
The core temperature sensor measures
temperature inside the food. When the
food is at the set temperature, the oven
turns off.
There are two temperatures to be set:
• the oven temperature (minimum 120
• the food core temperature.
Use only the core
temperature sensor supplied
and the original replacement
For the best cooking results:
• Ingredients should be at room
• Core temperature sensor cannot be
used for liquid dishes.
• During cooking the core temperature
sensor must remain in the dish and
the plug in the socket.
• Use recommended food core
temperature settings. Refer to "Hints
and tips" chapter.
- press repeatedly.
Turn the knob for the temperature to set the seconds and then the minutes.
When the time you set is longer than 60 min, hr flashes in the display.
Set the hours.
Minute Minder - starts automatically after 5 sec.
After 90% of the set time the signal sounds.
When the set time ends the signal sounds for 2 min. 00:00,
display. Press any button to stop the signal.
, 00 - flash.
Every time you put the core
temperature sensor in the
socket, you need to set the
core temperature time
again. You cannot select the
duration and end time.
The oven calculates the
approximate cooking time, it
may change during cooking.
Food categories: meat, poultry
and fish
1. Set the oven function and
2. Insert the tip of the core temperature
sensor into the centre of meat or fish,
in the thickest part if possible. Make
sure that at least 3/4 of the core
temperature sensor is inside of the
3. Put the plug of the core temperature
sensor into the socket located in the
front frame of the appliance.
- flash in the

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