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Notes For Cleaning - LG GR-N266LL Series Owner's Manual

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Notes for Cleaning

• When removing a shelf or drawer from inside
the appliance, remove all stored foods from the
shelf or drawer to prevent injury or damage to the
− Otherwise, injury may occur due to the weight of
stored foods.
• If cleaning the outside air vents of the appliance by
means of vacuuming, then the power cord should
be unplugged from the outlet to avoid any static
discharge than can damage the electronics or
cause an electric shock.
• Detach the shelves and drawers and clean them
with water, and then dry them sufficiently, before
replacing them.
• Regularly wipe the door gaskets with a wet soft
• Door basket spills and stains should be cleaned as
they can compromise storage ability of the basket
and could even be damaged.
• After cleaning, check if the power cable is
damaged, warm or improperly plugged.
• Keep the air vents on the exterior of the appliance
− Blocked air vents can cause fire or appliance
• Use a soft wet towel to wipe the appliance exterior.
If you used a neutral detergent, wipe it with a clean
towel to make sure it doesn't stain.
• Do not use a rough brush, or detergent (such as
toothpaste, alcohol, thinner, bleach, benzene,
flammable liquid or polish) to remove adhesive
marks or hand prints.
− This can cause discolouration of the appliance
exterior or appliance damage.
• Never clean the shelves or containers in the
− The parts may become deformed due to the
• If the appliacne is equipped with an LED lamp,
do not remove lamp cover and LED lamp in any
attempt to repair or service it. Please, contact an
LG Electronics customer information centre.



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