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Using The Appliance - Philips HF3418 Manual

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Table of Contents
Sleep patterns
The human body uses light cues, such as those provided by the sun, to time certain internal
functions. Properly timed rhythms regulate energy, mood, sleep, appetite and digestion.
These daily internal cycles, called circadian rhythms, sometimes fall out of sync with nature,
which can have impact on our well-being. Nature's cues no longer govern our modern
lifestyle. Our day no longer starts at sunrise and ends at sunset, working days are getting
longer, and many people work in shifts. Moreover, our activities often extend well into the
night. Many people tend to get too little sleep during the week, which diminishes their energy
levels during the day. Using Philips EnergyLight at the right time of day can help you establish
and reinforce regular sleep patterns.
Light via eyes
Research shows that bright light via the eyes influences the regulation of our energy level,
mood and sleep/wake cycle. Indoor spaces generally do not provide enough light intensity.
This appliance helps you to be at your best by delivering high quality intense light whenever
and wherever you need it.
Winter blues
Lack of light during the darker winter months causes many people to experience a noticeable
drop in energy level and low spirits as autumn sets in. These symptoms, known as 'winter
blues', may cause you to feel low, listless and fatigued for weeks or even months. This affects
both personal performance and mood. Bright light therapy is a successful method to fight
these winter blues symptoms. It provides your body with summer vitality throughout the dark
winter months.
Features (Fig. 1)
1 Light panel
2 Socket for small plug
3 Time indicator bar
4 Standby button
5 Stand
6 Intensity increase and decrease buttons
7 Adapter
8 Small plug
Note: Product illustrations are located on the inside of the front and back covers of this
instruction booklet.

Using the appliance

When to use
Knowing at what time to use the EnergyLight is essential. It may mean the difference between
feeling better in a few days instead of weeks and between experiencing benefits or
experiencing none.


Table of Contents