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Operating Instructions - Electrolux Frigidaire FFBD1831US Use & Care Manual

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Wash Cycles
Wash Cycle Selections
Cycle times are approximate and will vary with
the options selected. Hot water is neces-
sary to activate the detergent and melt fatty
food soils. An automatic sensor will check the
incoming water temperature. If it is not at the
appropriate temperature the timer will delay
the cycle to allow automatic water heating
during the main wash. When the High Temp
wash is selected an even higher temperature
will be assured to handle heavier soil loads.
Wash Cycles
Heavy Wash
Recommended for pots, pans, casseroles and
dinnerware having light to heavily soiled loads.
Normal Wash
Recommended for lightly to heavily soiled
1 Hour Wash
A shorter wash recommended for lightly soiled
loads that do not need drying.
China Crystal
Recommended for lightly soiled China and
Energy Saver
Recommended for lightly soiled and pre-rinsed
dishes and silverware.
Rinse Only
Recommended for pre-rinsing dishes or
glasses. This is only a rinse that keeps food
from drying on your dishes and reduces odor
buildup in your dishwasher until you are ready
to wash a full load. Do not use detergent.
Wash Options
Press the Options button to scroll through the
options. The indicator light will illuminate when
the option has been selected.
When Sanitize is selected, the temperature
of water will be maintained at 156.2°F
(69°C) max. The max temperature may
not be reached if the incoming water


Wash Options
temperature is not correct. Certified residential
dishwashers are not intended for licensed food
The Sanitize option is only available with
Heavy Wash and Normal Wash cycles.
High Temp
When High Temp is selected, the temperature
of the water will be maintained at 140°F
(60°C) max.
Heat Dry
When Heat Dry is selected, the heater will
work during the drying process.
Press START/Cancel to start a wash cycle.
Press START/Cancel and hold for 3 seconds
to cancel a cycle that is already in progress.
The Delay option allows you to automatically
delay starting your dishwasher from 1-24
hours. To start 1-24 hour delay, press the
Delay button until the desired delay time
shows in the display window (1h-24h) and
press the START/Cancel button. A light will
come on indicating the delay start has been
activated and will remain on until the cycle
starts. To cancel the Delay option and begin
the cycle before the delay period is over, press
the Start/Cancel button and hold for 3
Control Lock
Use to lock all controls and prevent children
from accidently changing the dishwasher cycle
or starting the dishwasher. Press and hold both
Option and Delay, at the same time, for 3
seconds to lock. After the function is selected
the control lock icon will illuminate. Press and
hold both Option and Delay again for 3
seconds to unlock.
Cycle Indicator



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