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Enabling The Auto Squelch (Asq); Chaniging The Channel; Making A Transmission - Uniden UM255 Owner's Manual

27mhz radio am-marine / am-cb
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Using Your Radio
While listening to a channel, adjust the SQUELCH-ASQ knob until the noise is
filtered out and you can only hear the transmission. The SQ icon appears on the
display whenever squelch is in manual mode (not ASQ mode).
If you switch to a channel with a lot of noise or with a weak transmission, you may
need to adjust the squelch level again.
NOTE 1: Setting the squelch level too high may prevent you from hearing weaker
transmissions. If you are having difficulty hearing a transmission, try setting the
squelch level lower.
NOTE 2: For additional filtering effects, adjust the manual squelch in conjunction with
the RF GAIN setting, see page 12.

Enabling the Auto Squelch (ASQ)

Use the Auto Squelch and the raido will be optimised to hear medium to stong (nearby)
Turn the SQUELCH-ASQ knob to the ASQ position to enable Auto Squelch mode.
The AQ icon appears on the display when ASQ is enabled.
Changing the Channel
Press the CHANNEL UP or CHANNEL DOWN button briefly to scroll through the
channels one channel at a time. Press and hold the CHANNEL UP or CHANNEL
DOWN button to quickly scroll through the channels.

Making a Transmission

In AM Marine Band mode the UM255 AM radio uses the Inshore Boating Radio
Service Band channels.
In AM CB Band mode the UM255 AM radio uses the AM-CB Band channels (see
Channels and Frequencies, page 22).
Select the desired channel. Listen to make sure there is no activity on the channel.
Press PTT on the microphone handset and speak normally into the microphone. Hold
it approximately 7cm from your mouth. The TX icon appears on the display whenever
the radio is transmitting
Release PTT to end the transmission and listen for a reply.



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