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English - Kenwood AX500 Instructions Manual

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AX500 for use on KMix
5 Tighten the nut.
6 Fit the beater to the mixer and lower
the mixer head. Check its position
AT501 for use on
(see point 2). Repeat the above
Kitchen Machine Chef
steps as necessary until the beater is
set correctly. Once this is achieved
AT502 for use on
tighten the nut securely.
Kitchen Machine Major
Note: Some models are supplied
with 2 different coloured wiper
and Cooking Chef
The flexible beater is designed for
care and cleaning
creaming and mixing soft ingredients.
1 Always remove the flexible wiper
It is not to be used with heavy
blade from the tool before cleaning
recipes such as dough or hard
ingredients, for example those
2 Wash the flexible wiper blade and
containing fruit stones, bones or
tool in hot soapy water, then dry
thoroughly. Alternatively the parts
1 Carefully fit the flexible wiper blade
can be washed in a dishwasher.
onto the tool by locating the base of
Note: Please inspect the condition of
the wiper blade into the slot
, then
the tool body before and after use
feed one side into the groove before
and also regularly inspect the
gently hooking the end in place
condition of the wiper blade and
Repeat with the other side
replace it if there are any signs of
2 With the mixer switched off, insert
the flexible beater and lower the
mixer head. Check the position of
the beater in the bowl
. Ideally it
should be in contact with the bowl
surface so that it gently wipes the
bowl during mixing.
3 If the clearance needs to be
adjusted, raise the mixer head and
remove the beater.
4 Using the spanner provided loosen
the nut sufficiently to allow
adjustment of the shaft
. To lower
the beater closer to the bottom of
the bowl, turn the beater shaft anti-
clockwise. To raise the beater away
from the bottom of the bowl turn the
shaft clockwise.



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