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Important; Safety - Philips S5305 User Manual

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Important safety instructions
・ Make sure that the power supply voltage
corresponds to the voltage on the back or
the underside of the unit.
・ The speaker shall not be exposed to
dripping or splashing.
・ Do not place any source of danger on the
・ Make sure that there is enough free space
around the speaker for ventilation.
・ Please use the speaker safely in an
environment with temperature between
0° and 45°.
・ Only use attachments and accessories
Battery safety precautions
・ Danger of explosion if a battery is
incorrectly replaced. Replace only with the
same or equivalent type.
・ A battery (battery pack or battery
installed) shall not be exposed to excessive
・ A battery in extreme high or low
temperatures during use, storage or
transportation, and low air pressure at high
altitude can pose safety hazards.
・ Do not replace a battery with an incorrect
type that can defeat a safeguard (for
example, some lithium battery types).
mechanically crushing or cutting a battery
can result in an explosion.
・ Leaving a battery in an extremely high
temperature surrounding, or an extremely
low air pressure environment may result in
or gas.
・ Never remove the casing of this speaker.
・ Never lubricate any part of this speaker.
stable surface.
・ Never place this speaker on other
electrical equipment.
・ Only use this speaker indoors. Keep this
speaker away from water, moisture and
・ Keep this speaker away from direct
・ Risk of explosion if a battery is replaced
by an incorrect type.



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