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Transportation, Storage And Disposal; Troubleshooting - Husqvarna K 7000 Ring Operator's Manual

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Table of Contents
3. Lubricate the inner surfaces of the support roller with
bearing grease.
Transportation and storage
Safety the product during transportation to prevent
damage and accidents.
Safety the cutting blade during transportation and
Keep the product in a locked area to prevent access
for children or persons that are not approved.
Keep the product and the cutting blade in dry, frost
free conditions.
Examine the product for transport and storage
Symbols on the product or the packaging of the product
indicate that this product cannot be handled as domestic
waste. It must be submitted to an appropriate recycling
station for the recovery of electrical and electronic
By ensuring that this product is taken care of correctly,
you can help to counteract the potential negative impact
The cutting blade
does not rotate.

Transportation, storage and disposal


The guide roller knobs are not tightened fully. Tighten the guide roller knobs fully.
The cutting blade is not installed correctly on
the guide rollers.
The tension of the support rollers is too tight.
4. Install the new support roller.
5. Install the cutting blade and the support roller guard.
Make sure that the support rollers are correctly
adjust the against the cutting blade. Refer to
install the cutting blade on page 12
on the environment and people that can otherwise result
through the incorrect waste management of this product.
For more detailed information about recycling this
product, contact your municipality, your domestic waste
service or the shop from where you purchased the
Install the cutting blade again and make sure
that the cutting blade can rotate.
Adjust the tension of the support rollers.
1461 - 001 - 17.02.2020


Table of Contents