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Honeywell Minitrend Installation Instruction page 2

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Once fitted the terminal cover will prevent any connections to the rear of the recorder except for power and rear
All connections to the recorder should be made prior to fitting the terminal cover. The terminal cover will have to be
fitted after the recorder is mounted in the panel.
Fitting the Terminal Cover
Fitting the terminal cover is similar for the Multitrend, Minitrend and eZtrend recorders.
Remove the top left screw from the back panel (Multitrend = M4 x 8, Minitrend and eZtrend = M3 x 6). See fig 1, 2
and 3.
Remove the back panel screws to fit the
terminal cover.
Fit the terminal cover with the screws
supplied along with terminal cover.
Remove Screw
Fig 3 eZtrend Recorder
Fit the terminal cover, ensuring that all wires are exiting at the bottom of the cover and that they are not trapped
between the cover and the rear panel.
Fig 1 Minitrend Recorder
Fig 2 Multitrend Recorder
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