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Before Operating - Frigidaire FFMV1846VS Use & Care Manual

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The microwave oven has settings that allow you to
customize the operation for your convenience. Below
is the table showing the various settings. Touch the
key multiple times to scroll to the desired
Key press
Setting the clock
Example: setting clock display for 9:00:
1. Touch
p a d once .
2. Enter time using number pads.
3. Touch
pad again.
Setting the timer
Example: setting timer for 5 minutes:
1. Touch Timer pad once.
2. Enter desired time using number pads.
3. Touch Timer pad.
Timer count down does not stop even if the door is opened.
To stop/cancel the timer, press the
When the timer has reached the end of set time, you will
hear beep alerts indicating the timer has run out.
Weight lb/kg
Clock Disply On/Off
key once .
Exhaust High / Low / Off
The exhaust ventilation removes steam and other cooking
vapors from the cooking surface of the range below the
microwave oven.
To operate the exhaust vent, Touch the
Exhaust High/Low/Off pad once for the
highest speed setting. Touch the pad again to
choose the Low speed setting and a 3rd time
to turn the exhaust ventilation off.
Note: If the temperature gets too hot around the microwave
oven, the fan in the exhaust vent hood will automatically turn
on at the LOW setting to cool the oven. The fan will
automatically turn off when the internal parts are cool. When
this occurs, the vent cannot be turned off.
Surface Light / On / Off
Touch the Surface Light/On/Off pad
once for a cooking surface light. Press the
pad again to turn the light off.
Control Lock
You may lock the control panel to prevent the microwave
from being accidentally started or used by children.
The control lock feature is very useful when cleaning the
control panel. The lock will prevent accidental programming
when wiping the control panel clean.
Example: to set the control lock ON:
Touch and hold the
than 3 seconds. The Lock icon will appear in
the display window along with 2 beeps.
Example: to change the control lock from ON to OFF:
Touch and hold the Stop/Cancel pad for
more than 3 seconds. The Lock icon will
disappear in the display window.
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