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Dry (Optional) - LG FH6F9BDH N Series Owner's Manual

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Child Lock
Select this function to lock the buttons on the control
assembly to prevent tampering.
Locking the Control Panel
Press and hold the Child Lock button for 3
A beeper will sound, and 'Child lock is on' will
appear on the display.
When the Child Lock is set, all buttons are locked
except the Power button.
• Turning off the power will not reset the child lock
function. You must deactivate child lock before you
can access any other functions.
Unlocking the Control Panel
Press and hold the Child Lock button for 3
A beeper will sound and the remaining time for the
current programme will reappear on the display.

Dry (Optional)

Use the your Automatic cycles to dry most loads.
Electronic sensors measure the temperature of the
exhaust to increase or decrease drying temperatures for
faster reaction time and tighter temperature control.
• Cold water tap must be left on during drying
• This washing machine's automatic process from
washing to drying can be selected easily.
• For most even drying, make sure all articles in the
clothes load are similar in material and thickness.
• Do not overload the washing machine by stuffing too
many articles into the drum. Items must be able to
tumble freely.
• If you open the door and remove the load before
the washing machine has finished its programme,
remember to press the Start/Pause button.
• By pressing the Dry button, you can select: Normal-
Normal Eco-Eco-Time (30-60-120)-Low Temp.-Iron.
• After the end of dry, 'Cool down' is displayed.
'Cool down' means crease decreasing. The drying
programme is already done. Press any buttons and
take out clothes. If you do not press the Start/Pause
button, the programme ends after about 4 hours.
• When you turn the washing machine off of the
drying programme, the drying fan motor can be
operated to save itself for 60 seconds.
• Be careful when removing your clothing from the
washing machine, as the clothing or washing
machine may be hot.



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