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Osd Function Introduction - Asus PA248QV Series User Manual

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OSD function introduction

This function contains 9 sub-functions you can select for your preference.
Each mode has the Reset selection, allowing you to maintain your setting or
return to the preset mode.
Standard.Mode: Best choice for document editing.
sRGB.Mode: Compatible with sRGB color space, sRGB mode is the best
choice for document editing.
sRGB Mode meets Energy Star
Rec..709.Mode: Compatible with Rec. 709 color space.
Scenery.Mode:.Best choice for scenery photo display.
Reading.Mode: This is the best choice for book reading.
Darkroom.Mode: This is the best choice for a weak ambient light
Rapid.Rendering.Mode: Simulates display as high refresh rate
performance to generate different backlight frequencies.
Rapid Rendering Mode can only be activated at 75Hz.
To activate this function, you need to do the following: turn off Adaptive-Sync.
Brightness, Blue Light Filter, ASCR, Trace Free cannot be adjusted when using
this function.
User.Mode.1/User.Mode.2: Allows you to make color adjustments in the
Advanced Setting.
ProArt Preset
Stan dard Mod e
sRGB Mode
Rec 709 Mod e
Sce nery Mo de
Reading Mod e
Darkro om Mod e
Rapid R end ering Mo de
mo re
Standard Mode DisplayPort 1920 x 1200@ 60Hz
Chapter 3: OSD (On-Screen Display) menu

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