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Troubleshooting - Honeywell Round Professional Install Manual

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Installation is complete but the screen has circles lighting up around it. What
should be done?
When power is first restored to the thermostat, it takes up to three minutes to
start up. The display will light up in circles as it advances through its initial power
up. Then, it will display a unique network name, such as Stat 03. When the name is
displayed, touch "OK" to begin thermostat configuration.
Why does the screen on the thermostat go blank?
When someone is not near the thermostat, the display goes to sleep to conserve
energy. The thermostat can still be controlled through the Honeywell Home app. A
motion detector on the thermostat senses when someone approaches and wakes
it up.
A change was made on the Honeywell Home app but it has not shown up on the
There may be a short delay after making temperature and setting changes in
the app.
There is a message that says Thermostat Power Lost. What does that mean?
This is an indication that power to the thermostat has been interrupted. Confirm
that the heating and cooling system is still powered.
If everything is powered as expected but the thermostat is still offline, please
contact the Technical Support team for assistance at 1-800-633-3991.
There is a message that says Internet Connection Lost. What does that mean?
The thermostat is connected to the router, but the router is not connected to
the Internet.


Table of Contents

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